Natural Waxing-Up Technique DVD

The occlusal compass and NAT combined on one DVD

Author: Dieter Schulz

Издадена: 1-st еdition 2013
Издателство: Quintessenz Verlags-GmbH
Video DVD, Slim Box
Езици: German, English
Раздели: Функционална терапия, Зъботехника

The "occlusal compass" helps its target audience to make statements on and predict natural movements of the mandible (lower jaw) on the horizontal plane. The compass enables its users to obtain an idea of the directional movements (eg, protrusion, laterotrusion, mediotrusion) and to define these movements.

The NAT (natural waxing-up technique) is considered to be one of the most appropriate methods of implementing the occlusal compass, which facilitates the modeling of anatomically correct and functional models of occlusal surfaces of molars.

This DVD includes a presentation of the occlusal compass, the applicable anatomy, nomenclature and "dental coordinate system", the waxing-up of all segments of an upper molar and an entire quadrant following NAT. A step-by-step demonstration is given on how to locate contact points, also showing where spaces must be maintained.

Price: 59.00 BGL

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