Cysts of the Oral and Maxillofacial Regions

Author/Editor: Mervyn Shear, Paul Speight

Издадена: юни 2007, четвърто издание
Издателство: Wiley-Blackwell
Книга, твърди корици, 238 страници
Език: Английски
Раздели: Орална хирургия, Обща дентална медицина, Патология

ISBN: 9781405149372


Cysts of the Oral and Maxillofacial Regions is a seminal text for those working in oral pathology, oral medicine, oral & maxillofacial surgery and radiology. This fourth edition reflects advances in immunohistochemistry, molecular biology and human genetics, which have contributed to the understanding of the etiology, pathogenesis, pathology and treatment of these lesions.
This book is a comprehensive treatise on cysts occurring in the oral and maxillofacial regions, covering clinical features, epidemiology, radiology, pathogenesis and pathology.

Table of Contents
1. Classification and frequency of cysts of the oral and maxillofacial tissues.
2. Gingival cyst and midpalatal raphé cyst of infants.
3. Odontogenic keratocyst.
4. Dentigerous cyst.
5. Eruption cyst.
6. Gingival cyst of adults, lateral periodontal cyst, botryoid odontogenic cyst.
7. Glandular odontogenic cyst (sialo-odontogenic cyst, mucoepidermoid odontogenic cyst).
8. Calcifying odontogenic cyst (calcifying cystic odontogenic tumour).
9. Nasopalatine duct (incisve canal) cyst.
10. Nasolabial (nasoalveolar) cyst.
11. Radicular cyst and residual cyst.
12. Inflammatory paradental cysts.
13. Aneurysmal bone cyst.
14. Solitary bone cyst (traumatic, simple, haemorrhagic bone cyst).
15. Cysts associated with the maxillary antrum.
16. Cysts of the salivary glands.
17. Developmental cysts of the soft tissues of the mouth, face and neck.
18. Parasitic cysts.

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