The Art of Detailing

The Philosophy Behind Excellence

editor: Romano, Rafi

Издадена: 1-st edition 2013
Издателство: Quintessenz Verlags-GmbH
Book, Hardcover, 360 pages, 1165 images
Език: English
Раздели: Interdisciplinary, General Dentistry


Section I: Careful Patient Evaluation and Diagnosis
• Wael Att • Stefan Koppa • Luigi Galasso • Birte Melsen • Tiziano Testori • Fabio Scutellà • Giovanni Zucchelli • Giulio Alessandri Bonetti

Section II: Interdisciplinary Treatment Planning
• Eiji Funakoshi • Ueli Grunder • Luc Rutten • Patrick Rutten • Iñaki Gamborena • Masao Yamazaki

Section III: Minimally Invasive Approach
• Antonio Cerutti • Aldo Crescini • Didier Dietschi • Federico Ferraris • Amir Horowitz • Francesco Mangani • Giulio Rasperini • Valerio Maccagnola • Mirco Raffaini • Oliver Reichert di Lorenzen • Roberto Carlo Spreafico

Section IV: Patient-Centered Treatment
• Vittorio Cacciafesta • Martha Lucía Galindo Restrepo • Carlo P. Marinello • Angelo Putignano • Gianfranco Politano • Vincenzo Musella • Rafi Romano • Stefan Schunke

Section I: Careful Patient Evaluation and Diagnosis
Chapter 1: Periodontal-Prosthodontic Treatment for Smile Enhancement
Chapter 2: The Key Role of Occlusion in Obtaining a Reliable Functional and Esthetic Oral Rehabilitation
Chapter 3: The Need for Orthodontic Treatment Due to Extraction Without Replacement
Chapter 4: Immediate Loading of Multiple Single Implant Crowns in the Esthetic Zone
Chapter 5: Use of Orthodontic Therapy to Improve the Esthetic and Periodontal Prognosis of Root Coverage Surgery

Section II: Interdisciplinary Treatment Planning
Chapter 6: Comprehensive Implant and Restorative Treatment Using a Novel Guided Bone Regeneration Approach: Open Barrier Membrane Technique
Chapter 7: Implant Failure and Subsequent Treatment: Report of a Complex Case
Chapter 8: Interdisciplinary Approach for Optimizing Esthetics: Digital Technology and Excellence in Dental Esthetics
Chapter 9: Interdisciplinary Management of Complex Implant Treatment

Section III: Minimally Invasive Approach
Chapter 10: Multiple Microdontia: Orthodontic Treatment and Adhesive Composite Restorations for Esthetic and Functional Correction
Chapter 11: Early Intervention for Severe Tooth Wear Using Conservative Adhesive Restorations
Chapter 12: Direct Esthetic Restorations in Posterior Teeth: Criteria for Intervention and Clinical Protocol
Chapter 13: Minimally Invasive Is Not Good Enough: Noninvasive, Simple Measures for a Very Complex Case
Chapter 14: Improving the Esthetics of Posterior Restorations Using Indirect Composite Inlays
Chapter 15: Preserving the Natural Dentition with Minimally Invasive Treatment and Maximum Results in a Complex Clinical Case
Chapter 16: No-Prep Veneers: An Efficient, Predictable, and Minimally Invasive Approach to Restorative Treatment
Chapter 17: Selecting the Optimal Restorative Modality for Diastemata Closure

Section IV: Patient-Centered Treatment
Chapter 18: Treatment of a Class II Malocclusion with Molar Distalization and Fixed Appliances
Chapter 19: A Prosthodontic Approach to Achieving Functional and Esthetic Results in a Complex Rehabilitation: Dentistry Beyond the Beautiful Smile
Chapter 20: A Rational Approach to Minimally Invasive Esthetic Dentistry
Chapter 21: Accurate Movement with CAD/CAM Technology in Lingual Orthodontics
Chapter 22: Functional and Esthetic Restorative Treatment: Different Cases, Different Challenges

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