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Esthetic Soft Tissue Management of Teeth and Implants

Author/Editor: Andre P. Saadoun

Издадена: октомври 2012
Издателство: Wiley-Blackwell
Книга, твърди корици, 190 страници
Език: Английски
Раздели: Periodontics, Implantology, Esthetics

ISBN: 9781118301159

This is a step by step guide to success in periodontics and implant dentistry, helping clinicians to create a natural and esthetically pleasing smile for their patients. Starting with a general discussion of facial esthetics and analyzing the dento-gingival constituents of the smile, the book goes on to consider the impact of these on people’s quality of life, both in terms of health and social engagement. Subsequent chapters focus on specific esthetic treatments such as crown lengthening procedures, gingival recession coverage with connective tissue grafts or periodontal regenerative material, and soft tissue management for natural teeth and implants.

Highly illustrated with an abundance of supporting photographs, Esthetic Soft Tissue Management of Teeth and Implants is an essential companion for periodontists and other dental specialists, as well as advanced general dentists with an interest in esthetic periodontics and implant dentistry.


Table of Contents
Foreword ix
Acknowledgments x

To smile or not to smile
The impact of esthetics
Dental esthetics
The smile-related quality of life
The senior citizen’s smile

The esthetics of the face
The face
The lips

The dentoalveolar gingival unit
The gingiva
The bone
The teeth
The interproximal bone height and the interdental implant papilla
The pink/white esthetic score, or PES/WES
The biological space
Final remarks

Esthetic periodontal treatment
The biological rationale
Crown lengthening procedures
Gingival recession coverage
Final remarks

Esthetic implant treatment
Peri-implant risk factors
Soft tissue management
Final remarks


Price: 205.00 BGL

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Occlusal Adjustments in Implants and Natural Dentition: 3D Occlusion

TMJ pathology related to occlusion: etiopathology and treatment

Author/Editor: Vicente Jiménez-López

Издадена: 1-st edition, декември 2015
Издателство: Quintessenz Verlags-GmbH
Book, CD-ROM (Software), Hardcover, 240 pages, 409 images
Език: English
Раздели: Functional Therapy, Implantology

Includes CD-ROM with more than 200 Animations

This book offers a meticulous analysis of occlusion, one of the most important specialties in dentistry, because a healthy stomatognathic system depends on it. The book covers the dentition, tooth and implant bone, gingiva, tooth and implant-borne prostheses, masticatory muscles, ligaments, TMJ, articular capsules, disks, etc.
The problems that can lead to “malocclusion” depend on patient emotional stress, grinding, clenching, and the jaw being out of occlusion and its proper position. The book also covers referred pain, which can mimic joint symptoms caused by neck and masticatory muscle problems. Headaches and facial pain may be diagnosed as being atypical and may be really due to occlusionrelated muscle problems (masseters, temporalis, etc.), including neck muscles. There are many!


• Work Philosophy
• Occlusion-related Terminology
• Organic Occlusion and Basic Principles
• Anterior Guidance
• Centric Relation
• Bilateral Posterior Occlusal Stability
• Vertical Dimension
• Etiopathology of Occlusal Problems: Prematurities and Interferences
• Occlusal Etiology of TMJ Pathology
• Splint Therapy
• Occlusal Adjustment
• Occlusion in Implant-Supported Fixed Dental Prostheses and Single Units

Price: 290.00 BGL

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Surgical Design for Dental Reconstruction with Implants: A New Paradigm

Author/Editor: Martin Chin

Издадена: 1-st edition, декември, 2015
Издателство: Quintessence Publ. Comp. Inc.
Book, Hardcover, 256 pages, 700 images
Език: English
Раздели: Implantology, Oral/Maxillofacial Surgery

This book presents a novel strategy to improve the outcome of maxillofacial reconstruction by combining evolving principles of neurophysiology and tissue engineering with an integrated surgical and laboratory technique.

The objective of this book is to bridge the gap between the routine practice of maxillofacial surgery and theoretical laboratory science. The early chapters set down clear, specific treatment-planning principles that should be considered in every surgical design to optimize healing. Subsequent chapters detail the laboratory and surgical techniques that make precise skeletal movements predictable. This methodology is validated with comprehensively illustrated clinical examples, including long-term follow-up. This integrated approach to reconstructive therapy offers the potential to solve clinical problems that are known to be resistant to conventional treatments.

Guided by this book, the reader will be able to exploit emerging biotechnical discoveries to establish a working model that can be applied to real problems affecting real patients.


• Surgical Design Using Embryologic Processes
• Osseointegration Within the Functional Matrix
• Engineering Environments for Simultaneous Bone Growth and Osseointegration
• Using BMP to Generate Bone
• Using Developing Teeth to Generate Bone
• Using Osteotomies to Generate Bone in Defects of Local Origin
• Using Osteotomies to Generate Bone in Patients with Systemic Disorders
• Designing Bone-Forming Constructs for Major Skeletal Reconstruction
• Controlling the Accuracy of Osteotomy Fragment Repositioning
• Comparing Mechanical and Virtual Surgical Planning

Price: 337.00 BGL

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