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Sinus Floor Elevation

 Avoiding Pitfalls Using Cone-Beam CT

author/editor: Yasuhiro Nosaka

Издадена: 1-st edition 2014
Издателство: Quintessenz Verlags GmbH
Book, Hardcover, 120 pages, 806 images (colored)
Език: English
Раздели: Implantology

In this book, Dr Yasuhiro Nosaka examines the different issues that may arise and be encountered by the clinician when performing sinus floor elevation. While recognizing the benefit of less invasive procedures, the author has pointed out some drawbacks of the osteotome technique, recommending thorough preoperative examinations by means of cone-beam CT imaging for dental use. Dr Nosaka presents the details, including the pathological findings, of manifold cases, such as the treatment of maxillary sinusitis, mucous retention cysts and apical lesions, as well as solutions for cases with difficulties due to the presence of alveolar artery and septa.
The only way to ensure a good treatment outcome is to avoid pitfalls through careful evaluations and diagnosis.
This book provides useful techniques and key points to remember for performing sinus floor elevation, all illustrated by full-color images, to navigate the clinician to a successful, complication-free, treatment outcome.
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Part I The lateral window technique aided by CT scanning
1 The maxillary sinus and membrane
2 CT scanning for maxillary sinus evaluation
3 Principles and procedures of the lateral window technique
4 Pitfalls of the lateral window technique
4.1 The preoperative stage
4.2 The intraoperative stage
4.3 The postoperative stage

Part II The osteotome technique aided by CT scanning
5 Principles and procedures of the osteotome technique
6 Pitfalls of the osteotome technique

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Dental Video Journal DVD 4/2013

Author/Editor: Dipl. Stom. Michael Arnold; Dr. Robert Nölken M. Sc.; MD DMD PhD Bernd Stadlinger; Priv. Doz. Dr. Dr. Hendrik Terheyden

Издадена: 2013 г.
Издателство: Quintessenz Verlags-GmbH
DVD Video
Серия:  Dental Video Journal / APW DVD Journal, 2013/4
Език: english, german

Раздели: Implantology, Periodontics, General Dentistry


  • Dental ergonomics using dental microscope and the six-hand technique – Part 1 (maxilla) – Dipl. Stom. Michael Arnold
  • OsseoSpeed Profiles TX – Immediate placement and restoration – Facial defect and recession – Dr. Robert Nölken M. Sc.
  • Cell-to-Cell Communication: Inflammatory Reactions – MD DMD PhD Bernd Stadlinger; Priv. Doz. Dr. Dr. Hendrik Terheyden
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ITI Treatment Guide, Vol. 7

Ridge Augmentation Procedures in Implant Patients
A Staged Approach

Line: ITI Treatment Guide Series, Volume 7

Editors: Stephen Chen; Daniel Buser; Daniel Wismeijer (Ed.)
Authors: H. Terheyden, L. Cordaro
Издадена: 1-st edition 2014
Издател: Quintessenz Verlags-GmbH
Book, Hardcover, 276 pages, 810 images (colored)
Език: English
Раздели: Имплантология
Dental implants are used routinely throughout the world to replace missing teeth. With the broadening of treatment options and an increasing number of clinicians who provide implant therapy, it is important to ensure that the treatment methods used meet the highest clinical standards.The ITI Treatment Guide series is a compendium of evidence-based implant-therapy techniques and procedures for daily practice. Written by renowned clinicians and supported by contributions from expert practitioners, the ITI Treatment Guides provide a comprehensive overview of various clinical options. The management of different clinical situations is discussed with an emphasis on sound diagnostics, evidencebased treatment concepts, and predictable treatment outcomes with minimal risk to the patient.

Volume 7 of the ITI Treatment Guide series provides clinicians with the latest evidence-based information on the techniques and materials utilized for ridge augmentation. An up-to-date analysis of the current evidence is based in part on the proceedings of the ITI Consensus Conferences in Stuttgart (2008) and Bern (2013) and on a review of the current literature. Twelve clinical cases demonstrate the planning and treatment principles required to successfully rehabilitate patients with varying degrees of ridge atrophy.

Volume 8 of the ITI Treatment Guide series will address the prevention and management of biological and technical complications related to implant treatment.

Additional DescriptionОписание

01 Introduction – H. Terheyden, L. Cordaro
02 Consensus Statements on Ridge Augmentation and Review of the Literature
03 Preoperative Assessment and Planning – L. Cordaro
04 Methods for Ridge Augmentation – H. Terheyden, L. Cordaro
05 Implant Placement in Augmented Sites and Treatment Outcomes – H. Terheyden, L. Cordaro
06 Clinical Case Presentations – D. Buser, U. Belser, E. Lewis, F. Lozano, P. Casentini, B. Schmid, W. D. Polido, P. E. Pittas do Canto, M. Roccuzzo, D. Weingart, Y.-D. Kwon, M. Chiapasco, J. E. Roehe Neto, H. Terheyden
07 Management of Complications – H. Terheyden
08 Conclusions – L. Cordaro, H. Terheyden
09 References

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