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Soft Tissue Management: The Restorative Perspective – Putting Concepts into Practice

Author/Editor: Ariel J. Raigrodski

Издадена: 1-во издание август 2015
Издателство: Quintessence Publ. Comp. Inc.
Book, Hardcover, 200 pages, 760 images
Език: English
Раздели: Aesthetics, Interdisciplinary, Implantology, Prosthodontics

The soft tissue-restorative interface is where the artistry of the dental technician meets the clinical skill of the restorative dentist. The challenge for the clinician lies in managing the soft tissue frame, the essence of restorative dentistry. This compelling clinical monograph outlines how to manage the soft tissue in a practical manner, whether providing patients with tooth-borne or implant-supported restorations. The author provides step-by-step instructions for each stage of therapy so that restorative dentists can understand how to manage the soft tissue frame, minimize trauma, and ensure a healthy and esthetic treatment outcome. Multiple cases are followed throughout the book, with individual chapters focusing on those portions of the case that illustrate the concepts elucidated in the chapter. Employing strict evidence-based principles, the author provides clinical tools for effective soft tissue management that will prevail even as technology in dentistry continues to evolve.

1. Fundamental Concepts of Periodontal Tissues
2. Preparation Design: Soft Tissue Management
3. Therapeutic Provisional Restorations
4. Impression Making: A Clinical Perspective
5. Accurate Transfer of Soft Tissue Contours to the Dental Laboratory
6. Abutment Selection for Cement-Retained Implant-Supported Restorations
7. Ceramic Screw-Retained Implant-Supported Restorations
8. Delivery Procedures


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Digital Dental Revolution

The Learning Curve

Author/Editor:  Alessandro Agnini; Andrea Agnini with Christian Coachman

Издадена: 1-st edition 2015
Издателство: Quintessenza Edizioni S.r.l.
Book, Video DVD, Hardcover, 416 pages, 1.500 images
Език: English
Раздели: Implantology, Prosthodontics, General Dentistry, Dental Technology

Systematized and well-established conventional protocols have been used for many years in prosthetic rehabilitations, yielding results that met clinicians’ expectations and often exceeded those of patients. Over time the advent of new technologies and new materials has enabled the dental team to create prosthetic rehabilitations with an accuracy and precision that were previously difficult to obtain.

Today, intraoral scanning technology is one of the most exciting new areas in dentistry, with three-dimensional digital reconstruction of the oral structures facilitating a wide range of procedures in fields such as prosthodontics, implant dentistry, and orthodontics. Currently available intraoral scanners overcome many of the limitations and disadvantages of traditional impression procedures while maintaining a high level of accuracy, making them an efficacious alternative to conventional impression techniques.

The authors introduce the protocol they have used in their own practice, integrating new digital technologies and advanced materials with experience gained from using traditional techniques to provide restorations with optimal strength, esthetics, and function while reducing treatment times and improving patient comfort. Many cases are presented, highlighting the modified protocols the authors have developed over time with their increasing knowledge of new materials and the ongoing development of new technology and demonstrating a level of quality in the results that is on par with if not superior to that achieved using conventional methods.

Additional DescriptionОписание

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: New Technologies
Chapter 2: Diagnosis and Communication
Chapter 3: The Digital Impression
Chapter 4: The Learning Curve
Chapter 5: Treating Complex Cases with New Technologies and Materials
Chapter 6: The New Digital Possibilities
Chapter 7: Lithium Disilicate
Chapter 8: The Immediate Digital Future

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Esthetic Implant Restoration in the Edentulous Maxilla: A Simplified Protocol

Author/Editor: Karim Dada, Marwan Daas

Издадена: 1-st edition 2014
Издателство: Quintessence Publ. Comp. Inc.
Book, Hardcover, 216 pages, 606 images
Език: English
Раздели: Естетика, Имплантология, Протетика

The simplified clinical protocols described in this book represent a revolution in the esthetic rehabilitation of the edentulous maxilla that updates the knowledge base and corrects outdated principles deeply rooted in the profession. The treatment strategy is prosthetically driven and tailored to address the anatomical realities of any clinical situation.

The authors emphasize use of a comprehensive esthetic analysis and the careful management of the essential preparatory phases, and they outline the esthetic design principles and clinical methodology for different treatment options. They also discuss indications for immediate loading, delivery of a fixed prosthesis shortly after the surgery, flapless surgery, and the all-on-four treatment concept, all of which can be used to limit postoperative difficulties for the patient. By tailoring the prosthetic management to the clinical situation and simplifying the surgical and prosthetic protocols, the authors of this book have developed predictable esthetic treatment strategies that will be applicable to the largest number of patients and the largest number of clinicians.


  1. Esthetic Analysis
  2. Preparatory Phase
  3. Implant Indications
  4. Immediate Loading and Provisionalization
  5. Types of Prostheses
  6. The All-on-Four Concept
Additional DescriptionОписание


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