Advances in Oral Tissue Engineering

Author/Editor: Masaru Murata; In-Woong Um

Издадена: 1-st edition 2014
Издателство: Quintessence Publ. Comp. Inc.
Book, Hardcover, 84 pages, 275 images
Език: English
Раздели: Interdisciplinary

For many decades, researchers have tried to develop materials that could be used just like autogenous bone. The editors of this book have assembled experts to showcase recent developments in tissue engineering and to demonstrate the basic biologic phenomena of bone repair using dentin grafts, growth factors, stimulating factors, inductive factors, and other factors in clinical applications. The research gathered in this book underscores the excellent outcomes based on sound science and pioneering clinical applications. New techniques using the tooth materials provide realistic and practical regenerative treatments for all patients.


01. Bone Autografting
02. Angiogenic Capacity of Periodontal Ligament-Derived Stem Cells
03. Gene Expression of BMP Receptor and Osteopontin in In Vitro-Induced Odontoblast-like Cells
04. Dentin Conditioning with BMP for Reconstruction of Periodontal Attachment
05. Primary Cell Culture from Human Dental Pulp
06. Detection of BMP-2 in Human Dental Pulp
07. Detection of Bacteria in Human Tooth-Derived Biomaterials
08. Subcutaneous Implantation of Demineralized Dentin Matrix
09. Surface Design and Functional Control of Demineralized Dentin Matrix
10. Autotransplantation of Teeth and Decalcified Dentin into the Atrophied Anterior Maxilla
11. Maxillary Bone Transport and Autologous Tooth Bone Grafting for Alveolar Cleft Repair
12. Maxillary Implant Restoration with Autograft of Decalcified Dentin Matrix
13. Extraction Socket Preservation and Reconstruction
14. Periodontal and Peri-implant Defects
15. Familial Tooth Bone Graft

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