A concept of „en bloc“ movement of teeth using GUMMETAL wire

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Author/Editor: Shin Hasegawa

Издадена: 2014
Издателство: Quintessence Publishing Co. Ltd.Book, Hardcover, 260 pages, 1796 images
Език: Английски
Раздели: Orthodontics

This book outlines a system of orthodontic therapy based on the use of Gummetal arch wire that can improve patient comfort and shorten treatment time. Although many alloys have been used for orthodontic wire, none offer the benefits of Gummetal, which combines a super-low Young modulus with extreme strength. The use of Gummetal in en bloc protocols allows clinicians to construct simple orthodontic appliances that not only distribute a gentle, near-optimum force but can also achieve an ideal occlusion in less time than traditional treatment. The author details the characteristics and application of Gummetal and the en bloc treatment strategies that maximize three-dimensional tooth movement in orthodontic therapy. This groundbreaking book provides clear direction in the use of Gummetal arch wire and presents new treatment protocols that are sure to revolutionize orthodontic therapy.

  1. Contents:
    1. The Characteristics of Gummetal and Its Applications
    2. The Past and Future of Occlusion (1): Discrepancy
    3. The Past and Future of Occlusion (2): How Can We Resolve the Discrepancy?
    4. How to Create the Right Amount of Space: Creating Open Space
    5. Moving Teeth En Bloc
    6. Treating Open Bite
    7. Treating Class I Malocclusion with Crowding
    8. Treating Lateral Displacement of Mandible
    9. Treating Class II Malocclusion (1)
    10. Treating Class II Malocclusion (2)
    11. Treating Class II Malocclusion (3): Dolichofacial Type
    12. Treating Class II Malocclusion (4): Brachyfacial Type
    13. Treating Class III Malocclusion
    14. Possibility of Minor Tooth Movement (MTM)


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