The masters of functional orthodontics

Author/Editor: Aurelio Levrini, Lorenzo Favero

Издадена: 2003
Издателство: Quintessenz Verlags Gmbh
Book, hardcover, 416 pp; 542 illus
Език: English
Раздели: Ортодонтия; Други

More than a century after the birth of functional orthodontic therapy, this unique work records the ideas, developments, and prospects of this fascinating discipline. The Masters of Functional Orthodontics assesses the broad therapeutic potential of the field, in part through a critical review of its history, from its origins to the present day, and in part through biographies of its founding fathers, rich in the details of their philosophies, their daily lives, and the events and people that surrounded them and helped shape their work. The book features numerous archival photos and illustrations, many of them published for the first time. Anyone interested in this subject will find this book a delight to read.

“It is only fitting, as we enter a new millennium, that we call attention to an aspect of orthodontics that has been buried under the onslaught of brackets, bands, exotic wires, efficient bonding media, and hoopla about how efficient these devices are. . . . The book is a treasure trove of information and historically based, time-tested, and proven techniques by world-class authors and clinicians . . . [and] makes it abundantly clear that it is from the past that we learn much about the present and the future of our specialty.”

— From the Foreword by Thomas M. Graber, editor-in-chief, World Journal of Orthodontics

"...The book is more ambitious in covering the contributions of both American and European orthodontic legends, including such seminal figures as Kingsley, Angle, Robin, Rogers, Andresen, Bimler, Balters, Klammt, Frankel, Stockfisch, Muzj, and Hoffer. The section on each master is presented in the following format:
. Overall philosophy
. Events, items of interest, people, and documents of the times
. Chronicles of daily life
. Ideation and evolution of a philosphy
. Practical applications
. The master's works
A multitude of photographs and drawings amplify the chronicle of this rich history. Drs. Levrini and Favero have succeeded in writing a unique text that will remind all of us of our true roles as both orthodontists and dentofacial orthopedists."
Reviewed by Elliott M. Moskowitz, DDS, MS
August 2004


Presentation by Prof Guiseppe Armocida Foreword by Dr Hans Peter Bimler
“Review and Outlook on Orthodontics” by Dr Hans Peter Bimler Foreword by Dr Thomas M. Graber
Chapter 1: The Road to Discovery: Milestones in History
Chapter 2: Dentistry, Orthodontics, and the First Concepts of Functional Therapy
2.1 From Ancient Times to the Middle Ages
2.2 The Middle Ages to the 1700s: Pierre Fauchard, Le Chirurgien Dentiste
2.3 The 19th Century: The Birth of Scientific Orthodontics and the Discovery of Rubber
2.4 Edward H. Angle: A Great Turn-of-the-Century Teacher
Chapter 3: The Advent of Functionalism: From the Pioneers’ Ideas to the 20th Century Masters
3.1 The Origins of Functional Orthopedics: The Pioneering Years
3.2 Myofunctional Therapy
3.3 Pierre Robin (1867–1950): Dentofacial Orthopedics and the Eumorphic Method
3.4 The Golden Years: From Pre–World War II, to the Postwar Years, to the 1960s: Andresen, Hдupl, Muzj, Bimler, Balters, Klammt, Frдnkel, Stockfisch, and Hoffer
3.5 The Contemporary Period
Chapter 4: The Masters of Functional Therapy
4.1 Viggo Andresen
4.2 Hans Peter Bimler
4.3 Wilhelm Balters
4.4 Georg Klammt
4.5 Rolf Frдnkel
4.6 Hugo Stockfisch
4.7 Edmondo Muzj
4.8 Oscar Hoffer
Chapter 5: Functional Orthopedics and Prospects for the 21st Century: A Look at the Future
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