Clinical Periodontology and Implant Dentistry

Author/Editor: Niklaus P. Lang, Jan Lindhe

Издадена: 2-st edition 2015
Издателство: Wiley-Blackwell
Book, Hardback, 1480 pages, 2 Volume Set
Език: English
Раздели: Periodontics

ISBN: 9780470672488

Тегло: 5.500 кг.

Now in its sixth edition, Clinical Periodontology and Implant Dentistry is the must-have resource for practitioners specialising in periodontal care and implant dentistry. The chapters have been extensively revised with 40% of the content new to this edition. Maintaining the widely praised two-volume format introduced in the previous edition, the editorial team has once again brought together the world’s top international specialists to share their expertise on all aspects of periodontology, periodontal health and the use of implants in the rehabilitation of the periodontally compromised patient. Seamlessly integrating foundational science, practical clinical protocols, and recent advances in the field, Clinical Periodontology and Implant Dentistry, Sixth Edition enhances its stellar reputation as the cornerstone reference work on periodontology.

Table of Contents
Part 1: Anatomy
1. The Anatomy of Periodontal Tissues - Jan Lindhe, Thorkild Karring, Dieter D. Bosshardt and Mauricio Araujo
2. Bone as a Living Organ - Hector F. Rios, Jill D. Bashutski and William V. Giannobile
3. The Edentulous Ridge - Mauricio Araujo and Jan Lindhe
4. The Mucosa at Teeth and Implants - Jan Lindhe Jan L. Wennstrom and Tord Berglundh
5. Osseointegration - Jan Lindhe, Tord Berglundh and Niklaus P. Lang
6. Osseoperception - Reinhilde Jacobs

Part 2: Epidemiology
7. Epidemiology of Periodontal Diseases - Panos N. Papapanou and Jan Lindhe

Part 3: Microbiology
8. Dental Biofilms - Philip David Marsh
9. Dental Calculus - Dieter D. Bosshardt and Niklaus P. Lang
10. Periodontal Infections - Michael Curtis
11. Peri-implant Infections - Lisa Heitz-Mayfield, Ricardo P. Teles, and Niklaus P. Lang

Part 4: Host–Parasite Interactions
12. The Pathogenesis of Gingivitis - Gregory J. Seymour, Leonardo Trombelli and Tord Berglundh
13. The Pathogenesis of Periodontitis - Gregory Seymour, Tord Berglundh and Leonardo Trombelli
14. Modifying Factors - Evanthia Lalla and Panos N. Papapanou
15. Genetic Susceptibility to Periodontal Disease: New Insights and Challenges - Arne Schafer, Ubele van der Velden, Marja L. Laine and Bruno G. Loos

Part 5: Influence of Occlusion
16. Trauma from Occlusion: Periodontal Tissues - Jan Lindhe and Ingvar Ericsson
17. Trauma from Occlusion: Peri-implant Tissues - Niklaus P. Lang and Tord Berglundh

Part 6: Periodontal Pathology
18. Non-Plaque Induced Inflammatory Gingival Lesions - Palle Holmstrup and Mats Jontell
19. Plaque-Induced Gingival Diseases - Angelo Mariotti
20. Chronic Periodontitis - Denis Kinane, Jan Lindhe and Leonardo Trombelli
21. Aggressive Periodontitis - Maurizio S. Tonetti and Andrea Mombelli
22. Necrotizing Periodontal Disease - Palle Holmstrup
23. Effect of Periodontal Diseases on General Health - Panos N. Papapanou and Evanthia Lalla
24. Abscesses in the Periodontium - David Herrera, Arie J. van Winkelhoff and Mariano Sanz
25. Lesions of Endodontic Origin - Gunnar Bergenholtz, Domenico Ricucci and Jose F. Freitas Siqueira Jr.

Part 7: Peri-implant Pathology
26. Peri-implant Mucositis and Peri-implantitis - Tord Berglundh, Jan Lindhe and Niklaus P. Lang

Part 8: Tissue Regeneration
27. Periodontal Wound Healing - HF Rios, D Kaigler, CA Ramseier, G Rasperini and WV Giannobile
28. Concepts in Periodontal Tissue Regeneration - Thorkild Karring and Jan Lindhe


Part 9: Examination Protocols
29. Examination of Patients - Giovanni E. Salvi, Tord Berglundh and Niklaus P. Lang
30. Diagnostic Imaging of the Periodontal and Implant Patient - Bernard Koong
31. Patient-Specific Risk Assessment for Implant Therapy - Giovanni E. Salvi and Niklaus P. Lang

Part 10: Treatment Planning Protocols
32. Treatment Planning of Patients with Periodontal Diseases - Giovanni E. Salvi, Jan Lindhe and Niklaus P. Lang
33. Treatment Planning for Implant Therapy in the Periodontally Compromised Patient - Jan L. Wennstrom and Niklaus P. Lang
34. Systemic Phase of Therapy - Niklaus P. Lang, Christoph A. Ramseier and Hans-Rudolf Baur

Part 11: Initial Periodontal Therapy (Infection Control)
35. Motivational Interviewing - Christoph A. Ramseier, Jeanie E. Suvan and Delwyn Vatley
36. Mechanical Supragingival Plaque Control - Fridus van der Weijden, Dagmar Else Slot, Jose J. Echeverria and Jan Lindhe
37. Chemical Supragingival Plaque Control (Chemical Dental Biofilm Control) - David Herrera and Jorge Serrano

38. Non-surgical Therapy - Jan L. Wennstrom and Cristiano Tomasi

Part 12: Additional Therapy
39. Periodontal Surgery: Access Therapy - Jan L. Wennstrom and Jan Lindhe
40. Treatment of Furcation-Involved Teeth - Gianfranco Carnevale, Roberto Pontoriero and Jan Lindhe
41. Endodontics and Periodontics - Gunnar Bergenholtz, Domenico Ricucci, Beatrice Siegrist-Guldener, Matthias Zehnder
42. Treatment of Peri-implant Mucositis and Peri-implantitis - Tord Berglundh, Niklaus Lang, and Jan Lindhe
43. Antibiotics in Periodontal Therapy - Andrea Mombelli and David Herrera
44. Local Drug Delivery for the Treatment of Periodontitis - Maurizio S. Tonetti and Pierpaolo Cortellini

Part 13: Reconstructive Therapy
45. Regenerative Periodontal Therapy - Pierpaolo Cortellini and Maurizio S. Tonetti
46. Mucogingival Therapy – Periodontal Plastic Surgery - Jan L. Wennstrom and Giovanni Zucchelli
47. Periodontal Plastic Microsurgery - Rino Burkhardt and Niklaus P. Lang

Part 14: Surgery for Implant Installation
48. Piezoelectric Surgery for Precise and Selective Bone Cutting - Stefan Stubinger, Tomaso Vercellotti and Niklaus P. Lang
49. Timing of Implant Placement - Christoph H.F. Hammerle, Mauricio Araujo and Jan Lindhe

Part 15: Reconstructive Ridge Therapy
50. Ridge Augmentation Procedures - Hector F. Rios, Fabio Vignoletti, William V. Giannobile and Mariano Sanz
51. Elevation of the Maxillary Sinus Floor - Bjarni E. Pjetursson and Niklaus P. Lang

Part 16: Occlusal and Prosthetic Therapy
52. Tooth-Supported Fixed Dental Prosthesis - Jan Lindhe and Sture Nyman
53. Implants in Restorative Dentistry - Niklaus P. Lang and Giovanni E. Salvi
54. Implants in the Zone of Esthetic Priority - Ronald E. Jung and Rino Burkhardt
55. Implants in the Posterior Dentition - Ronald E. Jung, Daniel S. Thoma and Urs C. Belser
56. Role of Implant-Implant and Tooth-Implant Supported Fixed Partial Dentures - Clark M. Stanford and Lyndon F. Cooper
57. Complications Related to Implant-Supported Restoration - Clark M. Stanford, Lyndon F. Cooper and Y. Joon Coe

Part 17: Orthodontics and Periodontics
58. Tooth Movement in the Periodontally Compromised Patient - Mariano Sanz and Conchita Martin
59. Implants Used for Orthodontic Anchorage - Marc A. Schatzle and Niklaus P. Lang

Part 18: Supportive Care
60. Supportive Periodontal Therapy - Niklaus P. Lang, Giedre Matuliene, Giovanni E. Salvi and Maurizio S. Tonetti


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