The terminal dentition

Clinical and tehnical guide to the transition to the implant prosthesis

Author/Editor: Dr. Leonello Biscaro

Издателство: Teamwork media Italy
Издадена: 04/2017
Книга, твърди корици, 400 страници, 1862 снимки
Език: English
Раздели: Протезиране

The Terminal Dentition is the last book of Dr. Leonello Biscaro, already translated and published in many languages and countries around the world.
«The real rationale for the selection of the topic – Dr. Biscaro explains – was to be understood as dentistry, which seems to be turning increasingly towards the cosmetics, deeply remains a medical discipline, making protagonists “sick” patients (paradoxical tautology determined by the historical moment, in which we see more and more often treated “healthy” patients) that can regain health and vitality through our therapy.

The book has important professional effects: patients with terminal or very compromised dentition, unlike those with purely cosmetic needs, are much more numerous than you wouldn’t believe if one considers the rate of aging of the population in the Western world or if you enlarge the horizon at tens of millions of people in the world, are coming out of poverty by asking to be treated for dental aspects.»

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