Digital Dentistry: A Comprehensive Reference and Preview of the Future

Editor: Dianne Rekow (Ed.)

Издадена: 1-st Edition 2018
Издателство: Quintessence Publishing
Book, Hardcover, 21 x 28 cm, 400 pages, 447 images
Език: English
Раздели: Interdisciplinary, General Dentistry
Title No: 20421

Authors and Contributors
Alexander Ammann • Rupert Austin • Pedro Bastos • Trevor Baxter • Zhigang Cai • Stephen D. Campbell • Michael Chan • Richard Cook • Lyndon F. Cooper • Piali Das • Renata A. Dias • Jonathan L. Ferencz • Frederic Festy • Federico Foschi • Robert Gottlander • Chunbin Guo • Dylan B. Herzog • Neveen Hosny • Sarah Kaddour • M. Kerry Herd • Abgeena Khan • Garrit Koller • Tsutomu Kubota • Nicholas Leake • Jie Liang • Franscesco Mannocci • Helen McParland • Leandro Medeiros dos Santos • Sadia Niazi • Niall O'Neill • Vinod Patel • Sharon Perelman • Nigel Pitts • Henley Quadling • Mark Quadling • Dianne Rekow • Irena Sailer • Jonathan P. San Diego • Claire Schilling • Susan Schlusser • Xiaofeng Shan • Nelson R. F. A. Silva • James Smay • Ian Thompson • Van P. Thompson • Megan Walker • Timothy F. Watson • Mark Wolff • Gaku Yoshimoto • Julian Zeolla

Digital technologies have broadened and enriched the horizon, impact, and delivery of dentistry for decades, and will continue to do so.
Since an in-depth understanding of innovations and new approaches can be somewhat confusing, this comprehensive reference book aims to describe and demystify the underlying principles of digital technologies. It also examines similarities and differences between available and emerging systems, and demonstrates the value and use of digital approaches in clinical cases.
The book looks at how we acquire, manipulate, and leverage digital data in a host of disciplines as well as the implications of and opportunities for digital dentistry in education. Contributions from authors with differing expertise emphasize the influence of digital technologies across a breadth of disciplines, well beyond restorative dentistry. This reference book could not be a comprehensive resource without addressing the challenges and opportunities intrinsic to both integrating new technologies into dental practice and keeping up with the inevitable fast-paced changes.
Previewing the future, the book explores the potential impact of new innovations on how and what we practice as well as how we think, teach, and pursue knowledge. Energizing our ingenuity and imagination, the book lays the groundwork for creating dentistry's vibrant and exciting future.


Contents Section I. Introduction Chapter 01. Digital Dentistry: Broadening Dentistry's Horizon and Impact Chapter 02. The Breadth and Depth of Digital Dentistry Section II. Acquiring the Digital Data Chapter 03. Intraoral Scanners: Enhancing Dentistry's Image Chapter 04. Digital Radiography Chapter 05. Electronic Health Records: A Critical Aspect of Digital Dentistry Section III. Manipulating the Digital Data Chapter 06. CAD/CAM Systems: A Paradigm Shift in Restoration Design and Production Chapter 07. 3D Printing in Dentistry Chapter 08. Digital Restoration Design based on Biologic Principles Chapter 09. Conventional vs Digital Prosthodontics Section IV. Leveraging the Digital Data Chapter 10. Caries Detection and Tissue Repair Diagnostics in Digital Dentistry Chapter 11. The Application of Surgical Navigation Technology in Head and Neck Surgery Chapter 12. Craniomaxillofacial Surgery Design Chapter 13. Real-time Microvascular Examination of the Oral Mucosa for the Diagnosis and Monitoring of Oral Diseases Chapter 14. Rapid Bacterial Detection during Endodontic Treatment Chapter 15. Robocasting (Direct-Ink Writing) of Hydroxy Apatite, β-TCP, and Bioglass for Alloplastic Bone Grafts Section V. Implications of and Opportunities for Digital Dentistry in Education Chapter 16. Transforming Education and Learning with Digital Technologies in Dentistry Chapter 17. Digital Technology: Impact on and Opportunities for Dental Education Chapter 18. The Unity of Knowledge in Dental Medicine Section VI. Challenges and Opportunities Chapter 19. Challenges and Opportunities Intrinsic to Digital Dentistry Chapter 20. Keeping up with Change and Changing Technologies Chapter 21. Big Data: Storage, Sharing, and Usage Section VII. The Future Chapter 22. Virtual and Mixed Reality in Clinical Application Chapter 23. Digital Dentistry: A Future Limited Only by Our Imagination

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