Manual of Minor Oral Surgery for the General Dentist

Author/Editor: Pushkar Mehra, Richard D’Innocenzo

Издадена: юли 2015, второ издание
Издателство: Wiley-Blackwell
Учебник, меки корици, 312 страници
Език: Английски

The Manual of Minor Oral Surgery for the General Dentist, Second Edition continues the aim of providing clear and practical guidance to common surgical procedures encountered in general practice.  Fully revised and updated with three additional chapters, the book approaches each procedure through detailed, step-by-step description and illustration. Ideal for general dental practitioners and students, the book is an indispensible tool for planning, performing, and evaluating a range of surgical procedures in day-to-day practice.

The Manual of Minor Oral Surgery for the General Dentist begins with an expanded chapter on patient evaluation and history taking and a new chapter on managing the patient with medical comorbidities.  It also address infections and sedation besides procedural chapters on such topics as third molar extractions, preprosthetic surgery, surgical implantology, crown-lengthening, and biopsy of oral lesions.

Table of Contents

Contributors vii
Preface ix
Patient Evaluation and History Taking - Dale A. Baur, Andrew Bushey, Diana Jee-Hyun Lyu
Management of the Patient with Medical Comorbidities - David W. Lui, David C. Stanton
Minimal Sedation for Oral Surgery and Other Dental Procedures - Kyle Kramer, Jeffrey Bennett
Surgical Extractions - Daniel Oreadi
Third Molar Extractions - George Blakey
Pre-prosthetic Oral Surgery - Antonia Kolokythas, Jason Jamali, Michael Miloro
Evaluation and Biopsy Technique for Oral Lesions - Marianela Gonzalez, Thomas C. Bourland, Cesar A. Guerrero
Surgical Implantology - Alfonso Caiazzo, Frederico Brugnami
Hard-Tissue Augmentation for Dental Implants - Pamela Hughes
Soft Tissue Surgery for Dental Implants - Hussam Batal
Surgical Crown Lengthening - Serge Dibart
Endodontic Periradicular Microsurgery - Louay Abrass
Dentoalveolar Trauma - Omar Abubaker, Din Lam
Orofacial Infections - Thomas R. Flynn
Complications of Dentoalveolar Surgery - Patrick J. Louis

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