author: Oliver Brix

Издадена: март 2013
Издателство: Teamwork-media
Book, Hardcover, 290 pages, 1230 images

Език: English
Раздели: Dental Technology - Зъботехника

In 15 chapters and 1200 images, of the highest quality and resolution featuring special 3D printing, the author describes in minute details how to use lithíum disilicate by presenting clinical cases that he worked on in co-operation with other world renown clinicians.

1. The correct procedures for aesthetic restoration - treatment goals
2. E.max: the material from A to Z
3. The layering technique whit e.max ceram
4. Colour examoles, enamel blends and chroma control
5. Preparation instructions
6. Veneers
7. Crowns
8. Crowns and veneers
9. Zirconia with its potential uses
10. Implants
11. Cross-mounting
12. Minimally invasive and no-prer method
13. Dental miracles
14. Instruments
Material list

Автор: Оливър Брикс
Книга: Неустоимите изцялокерамични възстановявания

Price: 300.00 BGL

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