Esthetic Rehabilitation in Fixed Prosthodontics, Vol. 1

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Esthetic Analysis: A Systematic Approach to Prosthetic Treatment

Автори: Mauro Fradeani

Издадена: 2004 г.
Издател: Quintessence Publishing Co. Ltd.
Hardcover, 352 pages, 1136 images (colored)
Език:  English
Раздели: Естетика

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Advances in technology and biomaterials have dramatically expanded the possibilities for esthetic optimization in restorative dentistry. Too often, however, such treatment focuses exclusively on the dental area and fails to consider the overall facial composition. This easy-to-read text provides the clinician with a systematic approach to facial evaluation during esthetic treatment planning. Separate chapters guide the reader to an understanding of the esthetic parameters involved in facial, dentolabial, phonetic, dental, and gingival analysis. Each chapter presents prosthetic considerations and applications that allow the clinician to formulate an optimal treatment plan based on the individual clinical situation of the patient. Also provided is an esthetic checklist that allows the clinician to apply the principles described in the text to everyday practice. Amply illustrated, this text is an invaluable tool for all clinicians practicing esthetic and restorative dentistry.

Chapter 1 Establishing Communication with Patients: Working with patients to determine the optimal therapeutic approach
Chapter 2 Facial Analysis: Planning the prosthetic rehabilitation through analysis of the facial reference lines
Chapter 3 Dentolabial Analysis: Analyzing labial movements and the relationship between the teeth and lips for ideal esthetic integration of the restoration
Chapter 4 Phonetic Analysis: Appraising the dentolabial relationship during phonesis to determine ideal incisal length, adequate tooth position, and correct vertical dimension of occlusion
Chapter 5 Tooth Analysis: Optimizing shape, proportion, and arrangement of the anterior teeth to create pleasing esthetics and correct function
Chapter 6 Gingival Analysis: Idealizing the gingival outline and appearance while maintaining periodontal health
Esthetic Checklist

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