QDT 2018

Editor: Jr., Sillas Duarte

Издадена: август 2018
Издателство: Quintessence Publishing, USA
Book, Hardcover, 20.6 x 27.6 cm, 256 pages, 1.090 images
Език: English
Раздели: Prosthodontics, Dental Technology
Title No: 21541
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QDT 2018 presents original articles with a beautiful array of images showcasing the year's newest techniques, materials, tools, and innovations. This year's focus is decidedly digital treatment planning, digital communication, and digital multidisciplinary workflow for esthetic and functional rehabilitations. Minimally invasive techniques are highlighted throughout, including their use for full-mouth rehabilitation and to restore the morphology of teeth damaged by wear. A special "how-to" article on focus stacking macro photography by Carlos Ayala Paz is the first to be published specific to dentistry.

• Editorial: MACHINE LEARNING: Artificial Intelligence for Diagnosis and Treatment Planning
• Minimally Invasive Full-Mouth Rehabilitation Adapting Digital Dentistry
• The Slim Concept - Clinical Steps to Ultimate Success
• BIOMATERIALS & DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY UPDATE: Digital Workflow for Multidisciplinary Esthetic and Functional Rehabilitation
• A New Tool for the Prosthetic Treatment Plan: Use of Minimally Invasive Prosthetic Procedures (MIPP) and GETApp
• Focus Stacking Macro Photography: Achieving Ultra-High Resolution and High Magnification in Dentistry
• MASTERPIECE: Full-Mouth Rehabilitation of a Bruxist Patient: A Functional Approach
• Digital Communication in Three Perspectives
• Reconstruction of the Morphology of Teeth Damaged by Wear Using Adhesive Technology
• Clinical Applications of Ultra-Translucent Zirconia Crowns
• Multidisciplinary Approach Using Slow Orthodontic Extrusion and the Immediate Dentoalveolar Restoration Technique
• Full-Mouth Rehabilitation with the Flowable Injection Technique
• Esthetic Rehabilitation of an Edentulous Arch Using a Fully Digital Approach
• Emergence Profile: Relation Between Morphology, Biology, and Esthetics
• Esthetic Restoration with Ceramic Veneers in a Case of Altered Passive Eruption: The Appropriate Choice of Materials Is Key

Authors include: • Sillas Duarte • Masayuki Okawa • Shigeo Kataoka • Takahiro Aoki • Koichi Yamamoto • Iñaki Gamborena • Yoshihiro Sasaki • Markus B. Blatz • Neimar Sartori • Sara Casado • Dan Grauer • Leonardo Bacherini • Leonardo Bocabella • Mauro Fradeani • Carlos A. Ayala Paz • Mario Alessio Allegri • Cristian Marchini • Allegra Comba • Jun Hyouk Shin • Yusuke Ninomiya • Takayuki Kobayashi • Luiz Narciso Baratieri • Kazunobu Yamada • José Carlos Martins da Rosa • Juliana Romanelli • Luis Eduardo Calicchio • Enrique Diaz • Julian Conejo • Julio Flores • Tae Kim • Fabiana Varjão • Stefano Inglese • Davide Bertazzo

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