The Osteoperiosteal Flap

A Simplified Approach to Alveolar Bone Reconstruction

Автор/Редактор: Ole T. Jensen (Editor)
Издадена: 1-st Edition 2010
Издателство: QP USA
Book, Hardcover, 320 pages, 911 illus colored
Език: English
Раздели: Implantology, Periodontics
Title No: 18311
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This elaborately illustrated and concisely written book takes a fresh look at alveolar bone reconstruction, positing that the vitality of the gingiva-alveolus-implant complex is more important than simple implant longevity. With the use of osteoperiosteal flaps, the surgeon manipulates available bone to recover what is missing in a very specific way: endosteally. This relatively closed wound approach seems to spontaneously activate the epigenetic signal within the gingivoalveolar complex, and the augmentation develops in a manner analogous to primordial growth. Soft tissue generally follows suit, and implant therapy can commence, creating a functional gingiva-alveolus-implant matrix. Once mastered, bone flaps can almost entirely eliminate the need for block grafting or guided bone regeneration. The culmination of many years of clinical research independently conducted by experts around the world, this volume presents procedures for various osteoperiosteal flaps that are not only easy to learn but result in significantly fewer complications and a more vital alveolar reconstruction. It is intended for the "wet finger" clinician—the private practitioner, who must use techniques that work consistently, minimize morbidity, and are simple and relatively quick to perform. The osteoperiosteal flap, in its various permutations, fulfills these criteria beautifully.

Section I. Biologic Rationale
Chapter 01. Biologic Basis of the Osteoperiosteal Flap
Chapter 02. A New Biologic Classification of Bone Augmentation

Section II. Distraction Osteogenesis Techniques
Chapter 03. Alveolar Distraction Osteogenesis
Chapter 04. Supraperiosteal Transport Distraction Osteogenesis
Chapter 05. Rapid Alveolar Expansion of Osteoperiosteal Flaps

Section III. Pedicled Segmental Osteotomy Techniques
Chapter 06. Book Bone Flap
Chapter 07. Island Osteoperiosteal Flap
Chapter 08. Internal Alveolar Split Bone Graft
Chapter 09. Sandwich Osteotomy Bone Graft in the Anterior Maxilla
Chapter 10. Sandwich Osteotomy Combined with Extraction Socket Bone Graft
Chapter 11. Sandwich Osteotomy Bone Graft in the Anterior Mandible
Chapter 12. Smile Osteotomy
Chapter 13. Sinus Graft Combined with Osteoperiosteal Flaps
Chapter 14. Maxillary Alveolar Split Horseshoe Osteotomy
Chapter 15. Sinus Floor Intrusion as a Vascularized Osteoperiosteal Flap

Section IV. Restorative Techniques
Chapter 16. Alveolar Design by Stereolithography
Chapter 17. Esthetically Driven Prosthetic Management of Osteoperiosteal Flaps
Chapter 18. Esthetically Driven Surgical and Prosthetic Management of Alveolar Distraction Osteogenesis
Chapter 19. Recombinant Protein Application for Bony and Periodontal Augmentation
Chapter 20. Dental Implant Repositioning by Osteotomy in the Esthetic Zone

Section V. Developing Technologies
Chapter 21. Osteoperiosteal Tissue-Engineered Injectable Bone
Chapter 22. De Novo Tooth Engineering to Replace Lost Teeth

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