Author: Aldo Zilio

Издадена: март 2013
Издателство: Teamwork media, Italy
Book, Hardcover, 272 pages, 1200 foto
Език: English
Раздели: Зъботехника

This highly requested international speaker and author, offers the reader multiple solutions for achieving success in working with Zirconia. Thanks to his vast experience with Zirconia, the author describes, in his 11 chapters text and 1200 outstanding images, his step-by–step approach to creating zirconia solutions for many different types of cases.

This book speaks for itself. It will become a point of reference due to ift modern approach, the richness of its illustrations, and the abundant experience it contains. In addition, it not only constitutes an up-to-date aid in producing ceramic prostheses for Europien colleagues but throuhgout the wold. they will find help for the daily execution of their dental reconstructions in this "instrument of technical traning", especially ceramic on zirconia reconstructions. The reader discovers rhw basic element of the modern esthetic technitique step by step and is led through the field of esthetic science by being given knowledge of the effects of light, ranging from refraction to fluorescence, to reflection of vitreous materials, and their colorimetric ability.
The clinical expirience of using infiltrated zirconia and comparisons made using what the author calls "the access code" are explaned…. /Oliviero Turillazzi/

Chapter 1: Light
Chapter 2: Metal-ceramics and pressing technique
Chapter 3: Zirconia: structure, treatment, finishing, coloration, and analysis of adhesion
Chapter 4: Initial clinical experience whit colored zirconia
Chapter 5: Zirconia: interaction between light and material
Chapter 6: Shape, vision and structure
Chapter 7: Zirconia: classic slutions and new opportunities in removable prostheses
Chapter 8: Large implant rehabilitations: cemet retained, screw retained, or …
Chapter 9: Highly translucent zirconia
Chapter 10: The strength of translucence
Chapter 11: New esthetic dimentions in large implant rehabilitations

Price: 300.00 BGL