Reintervention in Endodontics

Author/Editor: Mario Luiz Zuolo;  Daniel Kherlakian,  José Eduardo de Mello Jr, Maria Cristina Coelho de Carvalho , Maria Inês Ranazzi Cabral Fagundes

Издадена: 1-st edition 2014
Издател: Quintessence Editora Ltda.
Book, Hardcover, 332 pages, 1367 images
Език: English
Раздели: Endodontics


The days of compromised retreatment are over. This book helps practitioners navigate each stage of endodontic retreatment successfully, from understanding the indications for retreatment to optimal reobturation of the canal. Written by a team of experienced specialists, this exceptional textbook explores the various options and approaches for retreatment and relies on evidence from the literature and experience from clinical practice to make recommendations for the most predictable protocols and techniques.

The authors present the parameters for initial success in endodontic treatment and discuss the latest materials, tools, and technologic resources for use in endodontic retreatment. They cover the management of complications, including optimal techniques for correction of canal access and locating canals, even those that are calcified.

This book is intended for general clinicians students and specialists in Endodontics and provides step-by-step description of the treatment protocols for a wide variety of reintervention cases. It represents a timely scientific contribution to the specialty of Endodontics toward attaining increasingly predictable outcomes and improving the quality of clinical care offered to our patients.



01. Endodontic Reintervention: Selection of Non-Surgical Cases
02. Technological Advances in Endodontics
03. Reintervention: Access Stage I
04. Reintervention: Access Stage II
05. Reintervention: Filling Material Removal Stage I-Removing Gutta-Percha
06. Reintervention: Filling Material Removal Stage II-Removal of Solid Materials
07. Reintervention: Root Canal Repreparation Stage
08. Reintervention: Stage of Refilling the Canal System
09. Management of Procedural Mishaps
10. Reintervention in Special Cases
11. Restoration After Reintervention
12. Natural Teeth Versus Implants

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