An Atlas of Dental Vascularity & Innervation

Author/Editor: Craig Barrington

Издадена: 1-st edition 2022
Издателство: QP USA
Book, Hardcover, 22 x 25 cm, 144 pages, 178 illus
Език: Английски
Раздели: Обща дентална медицина, Интердисциплинарна
Title No: 23831
Цена: 236 лв.

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Our understanding of internal dental anatomy has remained limited by our inability to see inside a tooth without sectioning it. However, for one dentist working to find a way to see inside a tooth, the answer was diaphanization. This atlas represents the breathtaking results of photographing human teeth that have been made transparent. Dr Barrington has learned as many diaphanization methods as possible to understand how, where, and why transparency can occur in a solid object and translate that to tooth structure. The images in this atlas showcase the internal anatomy of the teeth, with a special emphasis on the innervation and vascular structure and their distribution within the dentin chamber. For each image, the author follows a complex diaphanization method to make an extracted tooth transparent, before photographing the intact internal dental anatomy. Therefore, the images in this book display structures that have rarely been seen so clearly and in three dimensions, including the pulp chamber, apical anatomy, tooth channels, as well as pulpal pathology. This atlas pushes our understanding of internal dental anatomy and serves as an inspiration as to what one individual can do to advance knowledge within dentistry.


  • Chapter 1. The First Results
  • Chapter 2. Varied Outcomes and Exposures of the Vascularity of Human Teeth
  • Chapter 3. Apical Anatomy
  • Chapter 4. Channel Anatomy
  • Chapter 5. Dual Staining
  • Chapter 6. Early Work
  • Chapter 7. Pathology
  • Chapter 8. Raschkow Plexus

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