Basic Dental Suturing: A Practical Handbook

Author/Editor: Stephan Beuer;  Martin Stangl; Edward P. Allen

Издадена: 1-st Edition 4/2024
Издателство: QP Deutschland
Book, Softcover; 21 x 24 cm; incl 8 Videos, 80 pages, 244 illus
Език: English
Раздели: General Dentistry, Oral Surgery
Stock No: 24331
ISBN 978-1-78698-123-3
ЦЕНА: 96 лв

Извадка на ПДФ-файл: ТУК

This book is a concise resource for understanding the myriad suturing options available to dentists today. It includes recently developed suturing concepts pertinent to both conventional oral surgery and oral microsurgery. The text is supplemented with step-by-step drawings and photographs of the various techniques performed on an animal model, which once mastered can be readily applied in a clinical setting. The final chapter discusses the management of the occasional complications encountered during and after surgery.



Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. Suture Instruments

Chapter 3. General Rules of Suturing in Dental Surgery

Chapter 4. The Surgical Knot: Suture Techniques – Suture Techniques and Their Indications at a Glance

Chapter 5. Time to Suture: The Most Important Facts in Brief

Chapter 6. Complication Management

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