Basic Oral Surgery

Author/Editor: Andreas Filippi; Fabio Saccardin; Sebastian Kuhl (Editor)

Издадена: 1-st Edition 2022
Издателство: QP Deutschland
Book, Hardcover; 21 x 28 cm; incl 44 Videos, 240 pages, 543 illus
Език: English
Раздели: Oral Surgery, General Dentistry
Title No.: 23071
Цена: 256 лв.
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Practical oral surgery skills – including tooth removal, plastic surgery, surgical tooth removal, tooth-preserving surgery, soft tissue surgery, and implant surgery – are often neglected in dental school education or are only taught postgradually. However, it is precisely these skills that are necessary for every dentist to be able to perform the many basic procedures in general dental practice without blood pressure being raised and a sweat breaking out. This book deals exclusively with the basic oral surgical procedures that are necessary on a daily basis in the dental office. The clinical chapters are all identically divided into indications, contraindications, specific risks, local anesthesia, step-by-step clinical procedure, wound care and closure, and postoperative controls. The text is supplemented by only a few relevant literature references. The strength of this book lies in the series of images as well as the videos embedded with links, which can be viewed via QR codes using a smartphone or tablet. This combination of images and videos is intended to give students, early career professionals, and practitioners more confidence before, during, and after oral surgical interventions.



  • Chapter 01. Anamnesis
  • Chapter 02. Hygiene, instruments, and suture materials
  • Chapter 03. Suturing techniques in oral surgery
  • Chapter 04. Incision guides and flap techniques
  • Chapter 05. Preoperative clarification
  • Chapter 06. Preoperative radiographic diagnostics
  • Chapter 07. Tooth removal techniques
  • Chapter 08. Explantation
  • Chapter 09. Surgical tooth removal
  • Chapter 10. Surgical removal and coronectomy of wisdom teeth
  • Chapter 11. Closure of opened maxillary sinuses
  • Chapter 12. Frena excisions
  • Chapter 13. Excisional and incisional biopsies of the soft tissue
  • Chapter 14. Pre- and posttreatment with medication
  • Chapter 15. Behavior after oral surgery
  • Chapter 16. Oral hygiene after oral surgical procedures
  • Chapter 17. Complications after oral surgery and their management
  • Chapter 18. Evidence-based aspects of oral surgery


With contributions by: Stephan Acham • Zeynab Ahmed • Korbinian Benz • Constantin Berli • Michael M. Bornstein • Dorothea Dagassan-Berndt • Cornelia Filippi • Irène Hitz Lindenmüller • Jochen Jackowski • Norbert Jakse • Marc Joos • Petra Rugani • Bernd Stadlinger • Frank Peter Strietzel • Silvio Valdec • Hendrik Zeiß • Andrea Zürcher

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