iPad for Dentistry

Digital Communication for the Patient and the Dental Team

Author/Editor:  Mario Imburgia

Contributors: • Antonello Appiani • Angelo Canale • Walter Devoto • Jordi Manauta • Gaetano Paolone • Angelo Putignano • Anna Salat

Издадена: 1st edition 2014
Издателство: Quintessenza Edizioni S.r.l.
Book, Hardcover, 192 pages, 482 images
Език: English
Раздели: General Dentistry
Title No: 15861
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This book is a concise and simple guide to the use of new technology in dentistry. It is written for those who would like to introduce the iPad as a business tool in their practice but do not know how to do it, as well as for those who may already be using the iPad but have not quite figured out how best to implement specific applications.The tablet and its applications, along with other tools that will be discussed, are very useful for providing patients with comprehensive information about clinical conditions and treatments. Additionally, the use of these instruments makes pretreatment esthetic visualization more immediate and accessible, while minimizing the investment of time and money necessary to integrate it into the clinical practice.In addition, clinicians can use their iPad and its applications as a system of communication with the patient and their colleagues, thereby optimizing the use of time, improving clinical performance, and achieving patient understanding and acceptance of treatment.

The goal of this book is to guide the clinician in the use of new technology for obtaining potentially diagnostic information and communicating with the patient and the dental team, thus mapping a course to follow to obtain the projected clinical result.

Chapter 01. Digital Communication in Dentistry
Chapter 02. Technology, Design, and Sharing
Chapter 03. The Five Indispensable Tools
Chapter 04. Ethical and Interactive Communication
Chapter 05. The Wi-Fi Network as a Business Tool
Chapter 06. Photographic Equipment
Chapter 07. Mobile Pictures: Crossing Frontiers in Dental Photography by Jordi Manauta, Gaetano Paolone, Walter Devoto, Anna Salat, Angelo Putignano
Chapter 08. The Tablet
Chapter 09. The Screen
Chapter 10. Applications
Chapter 11. The Esthetic Preview: Simple Cases, Part 1
Chapter 12. The Esthetic Preview: Simple Cases, Part 2
Chapter 13. The Esthetic Preview: Complex Cases, Part 1
Chapter 14. The Esthetic Preview: Complex Cases, Part 2
Chapter 15. The Digital Library of Teeth
Chapter 16. Toward a Paperless Dental Practice

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