Implant Therapy: Clinical Approaches and Evidence of Success

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Author/Editor: Myron Nevins; Hom-Lay Wang (Ed.)

Издадена: 2-nd Edition 2019
Издателство: Quintessence Publishing, USA
Book, Hardcover, 22.2 x 30.3, 544 pages, 1.782 images
Език: English
Раздели: Implantology
Цена: 656 лв.
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Since the publication of the first edition of this book 20 years ago, the landscape of implant dentistry has changed dramatically.

Both the industry and patient demand have expanded exponentially, leaving the clinician with many decisions to make (and often as many questions to ask) regarding patient selection, surgical timing and techniques, implant types, and restorative approaches.

This volume brings together the knowledge of the foremost leaders in implant dentistry, covering all aspects of the treatment process, from decision-making and treatment planning through imaging, surgical techniques, bone and soft tissue augmentation, multidisciplinary approaches, loading protocols, and finally strategies for preventing and treating complications and peri-implantitis as well as providing effective implant maintenance therapy.

Filled with expert knowledge based on decades of research and clinical experience as well as abundant illustrations and clinical case presentations, this book is an indispensable resource for clinicians seeking to provide implant treatment at the highest standard of care.

Contents - Chapters:

01. A Clinical Decision: Save the Tooth or Place an Implant?
02. From Osseointegration to Predictable Long-Term Implant Stability: Clinicians' Perspectives
03. Introduction to Implant Surgery: Optimal Positioning of the Dental Implant
04. Implant Placement for the Mandibular Posterior Quadrant
05. An Introduction to the Success of Short Dental Implants
06. The Evolution of Imaging and Associated Applications for Implant Surgery
07. Decision Making for Implant Therapy in the Maxillary Esthetic Zone
08. Management of the Extraction Site: Socket Grafting
09. Placement of Dental Implants into Extraction Sockets
10. Seeking the Optimal Esthetic Result in the Maxillary Anterior
11. Predictable Esthetic Anterior Maxillary Reconstruction with Dental Implants and Maxillary Tuberosity Grafts
12. Immediate Loading of Implants in Edentulous and Partially Dentate Patients
13. Sinus Elevation in the Posterior Maxilla via the Lateral Window Approach
14. Maxillary Transcrestal Sinus Floor Elevation Procedures
15. The Use of Zygomatic Implants for Maxillary Edentulous Patients
16. Treatment of the Edentulous Patient Using All-on-Four and the Zygoma Implant
17. Horizontal Bone Augmentation Procedures: A GBR Approach
18. Vertical Bone Augmentation with Advanced Flap Design
19. Growth Factors: Clinical Development for Periodontal and Implant Applications
20. The Introduction of Tissue Engineering for Bone Regeneration
21. Soft Tissue Management to Augment Implant Success
22. Implant-Abutment Junction: A Crestal Bone and Soft Tissue Determinant
23. Effective Application of Orthodontics with Implant Therapy for Periodontally Compromised Patients
24. The Interaction Between Implantology and Orthognathic Surgery
25. Etiology and Management of Post-Loading Complications: Implant Loss or Failure and Peri-implantitis
26. Regenerative Protocol to Treat Peri-implantitis
27. The Importance of Dedicated Maintenance Therapy for Long-Term Success
28. Peri-implant Maintenance Therapy for Long-Term Success
29. Implant Complications: A Reality Requiring Prevention



Andrew Ackermann • Fortunato Alfonsi • Liliana Aranguren • Miguel De Araújo Nobre • Gustavo Avila-Ortiz • Stefano Parma-Benfenati • Luigi Canullo • Daniele Cardaropoli • Hsun-Liang Chan • Chia-Yu Chen • Young-Dan Cho • James Chow • Lyndon F. Cooper • Tamsin J. Cracknell • Ann Decker • Matteo Deflorian • Bradley S. Degroot • Massimo del Fabbro • Deon Ferreira • Stuart J. Froum • Jia-Hui Fu • Fabio Galli • Jeffrey Ganeles • William V. Giannobile • Christoph H. F. Hämmerle • Peter Hawker • Parnward Hengjeerajaras • Richard Herman • Mitsuhiro Iwata • Ronald E. Jung • David M. Kim • Glen Liddelow • Jerry Ching-Yi Lin • Kuan-You Liu • Mark Ludlow • Sachiko Maeda • Panpicha Maketone • Paulo Maló • George A. Mandelaris • José Carlos Martins da Rosa • Robert E. Marx • Tokou Matsui • Craig M. Misch • Alberto Monje • Sven Mühlemann • Kimio Nakamura • Marc L. Nevins • Myron Nevins • Frederic J. Norkin • Yoshi Ono • Yoshihiro Ono • Stephen M. Parel • Andrea Parenti • Wonbae Park • Luís Antônio Violin Pereira • Marisa Roncati • Marco Ronda • Satoko Ono Rubin • Kiyonobu Saburi • Takeshi Sasaki • Riccardo Scaini • David Schneider • Cary A. Shapoff • Ye Shi • Massimo Simion • Martina Stefanini • Tiziano Testori • Carlo Tinti • Istvan Urban • Stephen S. Wallace • Chin-Wei Wang • Hom-Lay Wang • Leandro Velasco • Homayoun H. Zadeh • Samuel Zfaz • Giovanni Zucchelli

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