Plastic-Esthetic Periodontal and Implant Surgery, DVD

The Special DVD Compendium

Author/Editor: Otto Zuhr; Marc Hürzeler

Издадена: 2-ро издание февруари 2016
Издател: Quintessenz Verlags-GmbH
Video DVD - 4 DVDs in a box, Runtime: 08:05 hours
Език: English
Раздели: Implantology, Oral Surgery , Periodontology

This series of DVDs features state-of-the-art procedures for minimally invasive dental implant surgery in the esthetic zone. The editor has brought together a team of specialists who perform all the procedures and comment on them. The DVDs were recorded on special equipment, didactically edited, and rendered in optimal quality by expert videographers. A compact edition of this compendium is now available, featuring all ten volumes on four DVDs, in a handy slipcase, with an accompanying booklet. All surgery DVDs were recorded in high-definition DVD quality.

Highlights: useful information for general practitioners provided by this renowned team of experts

Quality: best recording quality for perfect playback on your DVD device

Innovation: therapeutic procedures made available for the first time


  • FILM 1: Autograft Harvesting | Runtime: 49,32 Min.
  • FILM 2: Gingival Augmentation with Autologous Connective Tissue | Runtime: 29,02 Min.
  • FILM 3: Singular Gingival Recession Coverage | Runtime: 63,28 Min.


  • FILM 4: Multiple Gingival Recession Coverage | Runtime: 47,08 Min.
  • FILM 5: Esthetic Crown Lengthening | Runtime: 37,52 Min.
  • FILM 6: Horizontal Papilla Augmentation with Autologous Connective Tissue | Runtime: 17,23 Min.


  • FILM 7: Management of Extraction Sockets | Runtime: 77,26 Min.
  • FILM 8: Soft Tissue Augmentation Under Bridge Pontics | Runtime: 62,14 Min.


  • FILM 9: Defect Reconstruction and Concurrent Implant Placement | Runtime: 59,42 Min.
  • FILM 10: Implant Placement Using a Modified Roll Flap Technique | Runtime: 16,55 Min.

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