Atlas of Bracketless Fixed Lingual Orthodontics: Basic Concepts

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Author/Editor: Anna Mariniello; Fabio Cozzolino

Издадена: 1-st edition 2015
Издателство: Quintessenza Edizioni S.r.l.
Book, Hardcover, 368 pages, 1.493 images
Език: English
Раздели: Orthodontics

 Bracketless Lingual Orthodontics, first published by Professor Aldo Macchi, evolved from the need to treat relapsed anterior tooth malpositions without patients undergoing further multibracket therapy. In a landscape characterized by increased demand for treatment by adult patients, and the need for invisible therapies in order to overcome issues of anxiety and embarrassment, the scope of its application has subsequently expanded to include increasingly complex malocclusions.

The aim of this book is to describe this new therapeutic procedure. Chapter by chapter we will present the technique, covering materials used, clinical procedure in forming appliances, bonding to dental surfaces, and subsequent monitoring. Detailed analysis will be provided of the forming, activation, and bonding of appliances in the control of specific tooth movements. Particular attention is paid to movements in the horizontal and vertical planes, tip and torque control, derotation and root movement. Finally, the treatment of a series of clinical cases is illustrated, increasing in complexity, from Class I malocclusions to the correction of class relationships. Where extraction cases are concerned, the management and use of provisional restorations is presented. Methods of achieving bone regeneration by means of orthodontic movement are also described.

Chapter 1 - Materials Used
Chapter 2 - Clinical Procedure
• Wire-Bending Steps
• Bonding Sequence
• Appliance Checks and Reactivations
• Use of Orthodontic Miniscrews
Chapter 3 - Analysis of Tooth Movements
• Control of Buccolingual Movements
• Control of Expansion and Space Opening
• Control of Space Closure
• Tip Control
• Torque Control
• Root Movement
• Extrusion
• Intrusion
• Derotation
Chapter 4 - Clinical Cases
• Dentobasal Excess Discrepancy
• Dentobasal Deficit Discrepancy
• Open Bite
• Deep Bite
• Crossbite
• Retrieval of Impacted Teeth
• Occlusal Plane Alteration
• Malocclusions Characterized by Altered Class Relationships:
Nonextraction Cases
Extraction Cases
Chapter 5 - Bone Regeneration by Means of Orthodontic Movement
Chapter 6 - Management of Orthodontic Extractions and Provisional Teeth
Chapter 7 - References and Recommended Reading

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