Color Atlas of the ‘en bloc’ Movement Using GUMMETAL wire

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Author/Editor: Shin Hasegawa

Издадена: 1-st Edition 2022
Издателство: QP Japan
Book, Softcover, 21 x 29,7 cm, 104 pages, 400 illus
Език: English
Раздел: Orthodontics
Title No: 24321
Цена: 116 лв.

GUMMETAL is a mysterious new beta-titanium alloy that can be deformed just like rubber, with a stronger tendency to return to its original shape than other metals. GUMMETAL is also characterized by super-elasticity, super-plasticity, and ultra-low Young's modulus.
GUMMETAL orthodontic wire is specifically designed for orthodontic treatment. It can be used for the "en bloc" movement of the teeth, and it is ultra-simple in use for force system, bending, and treatment steps. The wire can spend less treatment time compared to conventional methods.
Dr. Shin Hasegawa, who has developed GUMMETAL, explains the clinical application in the dental office of this new-age metal with abundant illustrations and case photos in this book. Chapter 2 expounds on GUMMETAL techniques in en bloc tooth movement, including the bracket positioning, vertical control, and bending method of the main archwire. Chapter 3 further illustrates the practical usage of GUMMETAL wire to manage different malocclusion (Angle class I, open bite, Angle class II division 1, Angle class II division 2, Angle class II class III, lateral mandibular deviation, and partial correction) with case presentations.

Price: 116.00 BGL

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