Interceptive Orthodontics

A Practical Guide to Occlusal Management

Author/Editor: Joseph Noar
Издадена: август 2014
Издателство: Wiley-Blackwell
Книга, меки корици, 88 страници
Език: Английски
Раздели: Orthodontics

ISBN: 9780470656211

Identify problems and introduce solutions early for an ideal aesthetic result

Interceptive Orthodontics: A Practical Guide to Occlusal Management aims to guide the practitioner in the art of interceptive management of the developing dentition. The goal is to guide the permanent dentition into the line of the dental arches, avoiding complex orthodontic treatment for teeth displaced far from their ideal position, and thereby reducing orthodontic treatment time. This book covers growth of the jaws and tooth development, and explains the correct timing of interceptive management. It also discusses orthodontic assessment, special investigations and comprehensive management of the mixed dentition, taking in the issues of early crowding, impaction, supernumerary and supplemental teeth, dental arch expansion, space maintenance and space management. In line with best available evidence, it provides clear treatment objectives and detailed treatment planning advice.

Practical, accessible and illustrated with a wealth of colour images, this is an ideal clinical companion for general dental practitioners, oral surgeons, paediatric dentists and orthodontists. It is also a valuable reference for all training grades.

Preface vii
What do we know about growth?
Growth and development of the jaws
Recognising the problem
Is an attractive smile important?
Cone-beam computed tomography
Study models
What is the scope of orthodontic change?
Managing the developing occlusion
Thumb/finger sucking
Crowding of the permanent lateral incisors
Serial extraction: a modern approach
The unerupted central incisor
Submerging deciduous second molars
Fusion, gemination and morphology issues
Upper labial fraenum
Leeway space and the use of intraoral anchorage arches
Sagittal problems: Class II
Sagittal problems: Class III
Ectopic and impacted teeth
Missing teeth

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