Dentistry for Kids: Rethinking Your Daily Practice

Author/Editor: Ulrike Uhlmann

Издадена:  1-st Edition 2020, july
Издателство: Quintessence Publishing, USA
Book, Hardcover, 200 pages, 187 images, 21.6 x 27.9 cm
Език: English
Раздели: Paediatric Dentistry

Title No: 21771

Цена: 196 лв.

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The practice of pediatric dentistry requires a broad knowledge of dentistry, orthodontics, nutritional sciences, and last but not least, psychology. The goal is to enable our young patients to live with the healthiest teeth possible, and this involves understanding how to embrace the opportunity, challenge, and responsibility of ensuring an ideal start for even the tiniest of our patients. This book presents the fundamentals of pediatric dentistry and explains how to incorporate them into an existing dental practice. Because parents are a crucial part of the equation, particular focus is given to educating and managing parents to be the best advocate for their children's oral health. While the book is a useful reference for everyday practice in terms of examination, diagnostics, and findings, it goes further to include tips on how to create a child-friendly environment, how to communicate with young patients, and how to handle difficult situations with uncooperative patients or parents. The second half of the book is given over to treatment considerations, spanning from preventive treatment like fluorides and sealants to filling and crown therapy. This final chapter also includes sections on antibiotic use, managing trauma, sedation, and other particular challenges in everyday practice. This book is an essential resource for anyone working with kids in dentistry.



1. Introduction and Basics

2. Successful Communication with Kids and Parents

3. Educating Parents: Oral Hygiene and Prophylaxis

4. Dental Examination and Tips for Increasing Compliance

5. Diagnostics in Pediatric Dentistry

6. Findings

7. Treatment Considerations and Approaches




Ulrike Uhlmann studied dentistry at Leipzig University from 2005 to 2010. Even during her studies she showed a keen interest in children's dentistry. After her examinations in 2010, she worked in Halle/Saale for 4 years, during which time she learned about and came to love the whole gamut of pediatric dentistry. Interdisciplinary work with midwives, pediatricians, and speech therapists was and is a cornerstone of her professional ethos. At present she works on the staff of a family dental practice in Leipzig. As a speaker, she is also involved in the continuing professional development of midwives, speech therapists, educators, and other related professional groups in the field of pediatric dentistry. Together with a Leipzig midwives practice, she has also launched a parents workshop where relevant topics concerning children's oral health are explained to pregnant women and parents, raising their awareness. She is married and has four children.

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