Eat Good. Feel Good. Vegetarian through the day

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Author/Editor: Rebecca Föhr

Издадена: 1-st Edition 2024
Издателство: KVM Verlag
Book, Softcover; 16,5 x 20 cm, 188 pages, 80 illus
Език: German
Раздели: Guide Health & Nutrition
Stock No.: 51190
Цена: 40 лв.
Извадка на ПДФ. ТУК

Over 70 favorite dishes can be found in this book. From delicious breakfast recipes, colorful bowls, pasta sauces, fresh and creative side dishes, spicy dressings, and dips to sweet delicacies and desserts – there's something for everyone here. The book also contains valuable tips and advice on a balanced diet. Many dishes can be combined with each other as the mood takes you, allowing you to create delicious meals for every day, from morning to night. A healthy lifestyle should not mean going without, but should do one thing above all: make you happy! True to the motto: Eat Good & Feel Good.

Верни на мотото: Яжте добре и се чувствайте добре!

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