Handbook of Pediatric Dentistry

Author/Editor:Editors: Angus Cameron, Richard Widmer Angus Cameron, Richard Widmer

Издадена: 5-th Edition 9/2021
Издателство: Elsevier
Книга, меки корици, 592 страници
Език: Английски
Раздели: Детска дентална медицина
Цена: 195 лв.

Based on the understanding that oral health is an important social determinant of health, the latest edition of this internationally recognised handbook equips the reader with necessary skills and knowledge to provide truly integrative patient care. The text goes beyond the technical skills needed to treat children’s dental disorders. It covers assessment of a child’s health and development, their oral health, the newest clinical interventions, and concepts of dental disease initiation and progression. It guides the reader through the management and communication skills needed to deal with children, and how to support their overall health behaviours. Written by renowned authors Angus Cameron and Richard P Widmer, this text is an essential companion for all practitioners who treat children, including undergraduate dental students, general dental practitioners, specialist pediatric dentists, orthodontists and pediatricians.


1. The philosophy of paediatric dentistry: The philosophy of paediatric dentistry – What is paediatric dentistry?

2. Child development, relationships and behaviour management

3. Pharmacological behaviour management

4. Dental caries

5. Fluoride and dental health

6. Restorative paediatric dentistry

7. Pulp therapy for primary and immature permanent teeth

8. Clinical and surgical techniques

9. Trauma management

10. Paediatric oral medicine, oral pathology and radiology

11. Dental anomalies

12. Medically compromised children

13. Children with special needs

14. Management of cleft lip and palate

15. Speech, language and swallowing


Appendix A Blood and serum testing and investigations

Appendix B Paediatric life support

Appendix C Management of anaphylaxis

Appendix D Management of acute asthma

Appendix E Fluid and electrolyte balance

Appendix F Antibiotic prophylaxis protocols for the prevention of infective endocarditis

Appendix G Glasgow coma scale

Appendix H Common drugs usage in paediatric dentistry

Appendix I Radiology

Appendix J Ethics in paediatric dentistry

Appendix K Somatic growth and maturity

Appendix L Growth charts

Appendix M Eruption dates of teeth

Appendix N Construction of family pedigree

Appendix O Calculating fluoride values for dental products

Appendix P Covid-19 and paediatric dentistry

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