Principles and Biomechanics of Aligner Treatment

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Editors: Ravindra Nanda, Tommaso Castroflorio, Francesco Garino, Kenji Ojima

Издадена: 1-st Edition - 09/2021
Издателство: Elsevier
Book, Hard cover, pages 304
Език: English
Цена: 365 лв.

Improve patient outcomes with the latest advances in aligner treatment and orthodontics! Principles and Biomechanics of Aligner Treatment describes how to use and adjust the materials involved in tooth alignment. Featuring full-color photos and illustrations, this book provides a clear overview of tooth alignment techniques along with step-by-step instructions for both normal and unusual cases. An Expert Consult website includes access to the fully searchable eBook. From a team of active clinicians and researchers led by Ravindra Nanda, this expert resource takes your orthodontic skills to the next level.


  1. Diagnosis and treatment planning in the three-dimensional era
  2. Current biomechanical rationale concerning composite attachments in aligner orthodontics
  3. Clear aligners: Material structures and properties
  4. Influence of intraoral factors on optical and mechanical aligner material properties
  5. Theoretical and practical considerations in planning an orthodontic treatment with clear aligners
  6. Class I malocclusion
  7. Aligner treatment in class II malocclusion patients
  8. Aligners in extraction cases
  9. Open-bite treatment with aligners
  10. Deep bite
  11. Interceptive orthodontics with aligners
  12. The hybrid approach in class II malocclusions treatment
  13. Aligners and impacted canines
  14. Aligner orthodontics in prerestorative patients
  15. Noncompliance upper molar distalization and aligner treatment for correction of class II malocclusions
  16. Clear aligner orthodontic treatment of patients with periodontitis
  17. Surgery first with aligner therapy
  18. Pain during orthodontic treatment: Biologic mechanisms and clinical management
  19. Retention and stability following aligner therapy
  20. Overcoming the limitations of aligner orthodontics: A hybrid approach

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