Practical Conscious Sedation

Author/Editor: David Craig; Carole Boyle

Серия: QuintEssentials of Dental Practice, Volume 15
Издадена: 2-nd Edition 2017
Издателство: Quintessence Publishing
Book, Hardcover, 14 x 21 cm, 144 pages, 80 images
Език: English
Раздел: Oral Surgery
Title No.: 20731

The Quintessentials of General Dental Practitioners Series covers basic principles and key issues in all aspects of modern dental medicine. Each book can be read as a stand-alone volume or in conjunction with other books in the series.

Control of anxiety and pain is fundamental to the practice of dentistry. This book provides the necessary knowledge, guidance and encouragement for the safe and effective use of conscious sedation. Basis sedation techniques (intravenous midazolam and inhaled nitrous oxide and oxygen) are described in detail; alternative techniques which may be appropriate in special circumstances are also outlined. Practical Conscious Sedation is a succinct, authoritative and easy-to-read text suitable for dental and medical practitioners, qualified dental nurses, undergraduate and postgraduate dental students.

Chapter 01. Historical Development of Conscious Sedation
Chapter 02. Basic Physiology and Anatomy: A Whistle-stop Tour
Chapter 03. Pharmacology
Chapter 04. Initial Assessment and Treatment Planning
Chapter 05. Equipment for Conscious Sedation
Chapter 06. Clinical Techniques
Chapter 07. Complications: Avoidance and Management
Chapter 08. Sedation in Special Circumstances
Chapter 09. General Anaesthesia
Chapter 10. Standards of Good Practice and Medicolegal Considerations

Authors David Craig Consultant, Honorary Senior Lecturer, Head of Sedation & Special Care Dentistry at Guy's & St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust, King's College London Dental Institute and Visiting Professor at the University of Portsmouth. David has over 30 years' experience teaching conscious sedation techniques to undergraduate students, dental and medical practitioners and has served on dental and multidisciplinary groups preparing guidelines for safe sedation practice Carole Boyle Consultant and Honorary Senior Lecture at Guy's & St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust, King's College London Dental Institute. Carole has extensive clinical experience treating special care patients using both conscious sedation and general anaesthesia and in teaching special care dentistry, including sedation.

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