Full dentures according to Slavicek’s method

Author: Claudio Nannini, Roberto Masnata, Massimo Baldin, Giuseppe Cuman

Издадена: 2005 г.
Издателство: Teamwork media Srl.
Hardtcover, 144 pages, 337 images (colored)
Език: Engish
Раздели: Зъботехника, Протетика

Книгата е написана от практикуващи зъболекари и зъботехници, чиято гледна точка е от позицията на ежедневната практика - конкретна, изискваща изпълнение в определени срокове.

Авторите описват стъпка по стъпка процеса на изпълнение на тотални протези по метода на Славичек, отразявайки клиничната и техническата част.
Чрез примера на два реални клинични случая, двата екипа от автори онагледяват всяка отделна стъпка която правят по време на работата, свързана с изработката на тотална протеза според метода на виенския професор, написал предговора към книгата.

In this book the authors aim to provide all the “tricks of the trade” when it comes to the development of full dentures. Step-by-step instruction on every phase of denture fabrication from treatment plan to delivery is detailed. This book is meant for those (students, dentists, technicians) who want to learn how to plan and fabricate a complete denture by following a very simple method used successfully in thousands of clinical situations. There are more than 345 full color photos in this book.

Chapter 1 Flow chart; Case history; Clinical function analysis; Oral cavity inspection; Teleradiography;Orthopantography
Chapter 2 Cephalometry; Pretherapy; Final therapy
Chapter 3 Initial full arch impression; presonalized vertical dimension; First centric record; Facebow
Chapter 4 Model pouring; Model mounting; Fabricating acrylic bases; determining length&inclination of the mandibular incisor; Estimating the occlusal plane; fabricating custom impression trays
Chapter 5 Checking the custom impression trays; Rim esthetics estimation; Personalizing the tray borders; Functional impression; Centric and vertical rations; Transfer facebow; Tooth size and shape selection
Chapter 6Boxing and pouring final models; Model mounting; Programming the articulator; Set-up
Chapter 7Esthetic try-in; Checking the occlusion; Correcting esthetics and function; Determining the vibrating line
Chapter 8Checking the set-up; Correcting esthetics; Flasking; Acrylic resin and polymerization; Checking the active centrics; Dynamics evaluation; Finishing and polishing
Chapter 9 Restoration delivery; Case evaluation and correction; Manufacturer's instruction and up-keep
Chapter 10 Checking occlusion and functional milling

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