Dental Materials in Operative Dentistry

Editor: C. Mitchell

Серия: QuintEssentials of Dental Practice, Vol. 33
Издадена: 1-st Edition 2008
Издателство: Quintessence Publishing Co. Ltd.
Book, Hardcover, 140 pages, 104 images (colored)
Език: English
Раздели: Oral Surgery, General Dentistry

Good knowledge and understanding of dental materials is fundamental to favourable clinical outcomes in the practice of dentistry. Given that the restoration of teeth continues to comprise 60–70% of dental care, the importance to success in practice of a sound knowledge and understanding of the nature, selection and effective application of restorative materials is self-evident.

This addition to the unique Quintessentials of Dental Practice series is yet another jewel in the crown. It is no easy matter to make applied dental materials science engaging and enjoyable, in particular to a wide audience ranging from student to experienced practitioner. This volume has achieved this goal in exemplary fashion, with the added benefit of lots of authoritative advice and guidance of immediate practical relevance. If you are not up to speed with the large array of new and alternative forms of direct restorative materials and related products and procedures, this book is a “must,” not to be put down and left gnawing at your conscience.

Yes, this book has all the hallmarks of a carefully planned and crafted Quintessentials volume—easy and quick to read, nicely illustrated and a great source of essential information. Considerable skill, let alone meticulous attention, has gone into planning, preparing and producing this book to give it the necessary appeal to its intended audience.

The restoration of teeth is an art and a science. Without the necessary knowledge and understanding, there is no scientific appreciation and, in turn, the art is flawed. This excellent book is an effective key to essential scientific understanding and, as a consequence, a portal to new opportunities and professional fulfilment in the art of modern operative dentistry.

1. Resin Composites
2. Compomers and Glass-ionomers
3. Enamel and Dentine Adhesive Systems
4. Glass-ionomer Cements
5. Dental Amalgam
6. Sealers, Lining and Base Materials
7. Finishing and Polishing Restorations
8. Dental Curing Lights

Price: 82.00 BGL

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